You want to read what you need to know and join readwynk? If so please read our following conditions of use carefully. We have tried to make them as clear and understandable as possible. But if you still have any questions,you may contact our Support.
11-08-2019 is the status of these conditions of use.


readwynk is offered by log.os India Pvt. Ltd. (in the following referred to as "readwynk" or "we"). You can use readwynk either online by means of your browser or by means of one of our mobile apps for iOS or Android.
These conditions of use allow access to and the use of our services.
By using readwynk you state your approval to the validity of these conditions of use and obligate yourself to comply with the conditions specified below.

1. Description of Services

1.1. readwynk serves as a means of public exchange on literature and comprises various offers, in the following referred to as "Services", which we permanently improve and expand, like for example:

  • a personal profile which you can expand into a real portfolio by using reading lists, reviews and many other functions;
  • news/journal articles of present and the past,
  • the readwynk cloud, that always keeps your links and reading articles up to date as well as synchronizing the reading status between various devices

1.2. We strive to keep our services available; however, do not guarantee any further service obligations. In particular there shall not be any claim to constant availability of our services.

2. Who can use readwynk


In order to be able to use readwynk you must be at least 16 years old and have full legal capacity. You can use readwynk to the full extent only if you register first. Registration can be carried out by anyone holding an account in Google, Facebook or Twitter. With your registration you state your approval to the validity of the conditions of use.


When you accept these conditions and use our services on behalf of a company or association or other legal unit, then you assure and guarantee that you are entitled to do so and that you have the authority to bind such legal entities to these conditions, in which case the terms "you" and "your", as used in these conditions, refer to such a legal entity.

3. Data Protection

readwynk is familiar with the sensibility of your personal data and takes the protection of your privacy very seriously. Personally related data is compiled, processed and used in agreement with the legal regulations. Please take a moment and read our Data Privacy Statement in this regard.

4. Your Account

4.1 In order to fully use readwynk you must register yourself. Within the scope of your registration, readwynk shall automatically establish a user account (in the following referred to as "Account") for you whereby you can compile a profile on readwynk under the username you have selected which is publicly visible online.

4.2. In principle it is not permitted to operate more than one account on readwynk. In the event of violations, we shall be reserved the right to temporarily block the accounts concerned, deactivate them permanently or, depending on how serious the violation is, to cancel them.

4.3. In the event that as a business professional or as a legal representative of a legal entity you require additional accounts (e.g. for brand maintenance or for other products), then please contact our support team in advance (!) so that we can examine the matter and reach a corresponding settlement.

4.4. You may not allow a third party access to use and are obligated not to disclose your access data to a third party.

4.5. You shall be responsible for the protection of your account and thus to safeguard the confidentiality of your password and for the restriction of access to our computer and your mobile devices. As far as permissible under the applicable law, you shall declare your agreement to be responsible for all activities which are carried out via your account or your password. Therefore, you should take all necessary measures to safeguard that your password is kept secret and stored safely, and inform us immediately if you should have any cause for concern that a third party has gained knowledge of your password, your password has been used in an unauthorized manner or this may be possible. In the event that you should have knowledge that your access data has been accessible to a third person or your account was used improperly, you shall be obligated to change your password and inform readwynk immediately.

4.6. As account owner you receive certain information from us if and as far as possible, like service announcements or notices on updates of guidelines and conditions. This information shall be a component part of our services and your account and can – other than notifications on procedures on the platform – not be unsubscribed.

5. Your Responsibilities and Obligations

5.3. It shall also be prohibited to collect, store or transmit personal data on other users, unless the parties concerned have expressly approved thereto, i.e. written approval has been submitted.

5.4. In the event of violations against the above named responsibilities and obligations we are entitled to delete the concerned contents immediately and without prior notice as well as to block your account in serious cases.

5.5. In the event that you discover violations against our guidelines on readwynk, we request you to report these violations to our support team immediately so that we can react accordingly.

6. Licensing Your Contents

6.1. In order for us to store the contents compiled and shared by you in our systems and make them publicly accessible via the Internet as well as via our apps, you shall grant us for this purpose the following, non-exclusive, temporally and spatially unrestricted rights of use:

  1. the right to storage within the services offered by us;
  2. the right to provide access of the contents to the public entirely or partly, processed or unprocessed;;
  3. the right to duplicate the contents at the request of users;
  4. the right to further utilize the contents also in other media;
  5. the right to place advertisements in any form in the surrounding area of the contents.

6.2. You shall also grant us the right to relocate your contributions within the scope of our services and to connect them with other contents (e.g. for answers / threads to your contributions, on aggregated recommendation of subject pages or by other forms of illustration).

6.3. All other rights to these contents shall of course remain with you and you are entirely free to use and utilize these contents otherwise.

6.4. Moreover, you shall guarantee that the contents shared by you do not violate any rights, especially copyright, brand and / or other commercial protective rights of a third party.

6.5. If you should detect that other users use your work in an unauthorized manner for example by claiming your reviews or contributions as their own, please immediately inform our Support team so that we can act accordingly.

7. Use of our Cloud

7.1. You can use our cloud to store, retrieve, administer and view your reading links.

7.2. We shall not guarantee that the reading links from the cloud are retrievable or available at any time.

7.3. The use of the cloud may be restricted, e.g. limited storage capacity, number and type of final devices, type of files.

7.4. We shall be entitled

  1. to use service providers and sub-suppliers for provision and maintenance of the cloud;
  2. to use and to duplicate copies of your data and files and to have them used and duplicated exclusively for security and backup purposes or;
  3. to compile, process and use personally related data or to have them compiled, processed or used by service providers and sub-suppliers if this is necessary for the provision and maintenance of the cloud. More information hereto can be found in our Data Privacy Statement.

7.5. We shall be entitled to fully or partly stop, change or limit the provision of the cloud at any time at our own discretion. This shall especially apply in the event of improper use of the service or violation of these provisions or in the event of contrary rights of a third party or for maintenance purposes. In the event of termination we shall give you suitable advance notice to enable you to produce security copies.

8. Abuse

8.1. You agree not to abuse our services, for example by disturbing it or revert to them by means of another method that via the user surface provided by us.

8.2. We use a monitoring system to prevent abuse and in such cases are not only entitled to block your account (and/or your accounts) immediately and without advance notice;we also are expressly reserved the right to take legal measures as well as to lodge damage compensation claims against you.

9. Liability

9.1. Damage compensation claims lodged against readwynk are excluded regardless of the legal grounds, unless readwynk, the legal representative or agents have acted intentionally or due to gross negligence. We shall only be liable for slight negligence if to achieve the contractual purpose we, our legal representatives or supervising staff member or agents have violated essential contractual obligations.

9.2. The preceding limit of liability shall not apply to damage compensation claims which result from risks to life, body, health or acceptance of a quality guarantee or malicious concealment of defects on the part of readwynk.

9.3. If we are liable pursuant to No. 1 concerning slight negligence, the damage compensation claim shall be limited to the predicable damage typical for the contract.

9.4. Damage compensation claims against us shall be subject to the statute of limitations at the end of12 months after they arise, unless they are based on an impermissible or intentional act.

9.5. If liability of readwynk is excluded, this shall also apply to enterprises associated with us as well as to clerks, staff members, employees, representatives, shareholders and agents of readwynk and/or of enterprises associated with readwynk.

9.6. You herewith declare that you shall at the initial request release and indemnify us, enterprises associated with us as well as clerks, staff members, employees enterprises associated with readwynk regarding liabilities of claims of any kind, which are lodged by third parties based on or in connection with contents which you have stored, published and/or transmitted within the scope of our services or which are based on the use of our offer or are based on violations of these conditions of use or by third parties. This shall in each case also include any reasonable costs for legal attorneys and court expenses.

10. Termination of Use of our Services

10.1. Your membership in readwynk shall in principle be valid for an indefinite time. However, you can unsubscribe from readwynk at any time and terminate your membership. Your account will in this case be deleted. Please contact our Support team in this case.

10.2. We shall on our part be reserved the right of an extraordinary termination for an important reason. A reason for an extraordinary termination on the part of readwynk canin particular be at hand if you violate valid law or these conditions of use.
Termination shall be carried out by blocking your account.

10.3. Any termination and/or end of using readwynk shall not affect the granted rights of use from ebook purchases in our shop.

10.4. Your publicly shared contents (like e.g. comments shall remain on the platform even after termination since they comprise contents involving each other (threads/comment, etc.) and would affect the function by deleting the contents.

10.5. In the event that it should not be economically possible for us to continue the operation of readwynk, we shall at any time be entitled to end operation of the readwynk platform by adhering to notice of four weeks in advance. In the event of the end of our services, we will by all means enable an export of your data as well as your ebooks purchased from readwynk as well as the contents generated by you and delete data.

11. Final Provisions

11.1. The law of India alone shall apply to contracts between you – if you are not a consumer - and readwynk – excluding the UN law on sale of goods.

11.2. The contractual language shall be English.

11.3. Depending on the final device used this document can either be printed and/or stored (e.g. in the browser or in yourapp).

11.4. We shall be reserved the right to change these conditions for use at any time and to adjust them to the corresponding legal, technical or economic framework conditions.

Noida, 11 August 2019